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The Doctor of Philosophy, (Ph.D.) is a degree a person gets from a university by finishing a doctorate program. In many areas of study, the Ph.D. is the highest degree that a person can earn.

People do Ph.D. after Master Degree in respective field. e.g. Ph.D. in Sociology after Master in Sociology, Ph.D. in Engineering after M.Tech. or M.S. or M.E. or Master in Engineering.

In India, as per UGC norms, Ph.D. program in most of universities, is of 3 years duration.

Usually people take 3 to 7 years to complete their program.

It is research work. Research may need synopsis preparation, thinking of a hypothesis, studies, field work, surveys, seminars, presentation, data collection, data analysis, research paper publishing, final report or thesis preparation, viva voce etc.

Take your decision : 

Decide whether you want to do PhD or not. Decisive factors may be –

  • interest in research

  • need (e.g. getting job or promotion in job or higher position)

  • status (social status, professional status)

Registration :

Register yourself with any UGC recognized university. Many universities conduct examination test and allow registration or admission to eligible candidates only.

Research : 

It will need your efforts two ways.

  1. Studies (study of magazine, papers, books in library or net)

  2. Field work (like survey, presentation to audience, collecting data, analysis and report preparation)

Publishing & Presentation : 

  • Most of universities demand local publications of research article as well us international publications.

  • Paper presentation through Seminars, Discussions, Debates, Viva etc.

Thesis :

This is Final report of all the studies and all the work done during research period.

Viva Voce :

It is Oral Examination session. Panel of guides, go through the thesis and ask questions. Candidates has to answer the questions to satisfactory level. It is also called ‘defense’ i.e. candidate presents evidence for the thesis or evidence of the work done.

"It is not random, it is systematic “

Many people feel that research is random work or randomly achieved. No, not at all. Research is very systematic study. There are set procedures, one has to follow and do a systemic study. If so, results are very positive.


We can HELP you in Ph.D. registration, synopsis, article publishing, research, seminar presentation, thesis preparation, viva voce and completion. 

Visit contact page and call us or fill Inquiry form. कांटेक्ट पेज पर जाइए, इन्क्वायरी फॉर्म भरिए या हमें फोन कीजिए.


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