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How to enhance SKILLS and get WORK ?

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Our courses involve following points which make candidate employable, working, self dependent, self reliant.

  1. Spoken English

  2. Communication Skills

  3. Technical Skills

  4. Understanding Economics

  5. Team Skills

  6. Marketing Skills

  7. HR Management

  8. Finance Management

  9. Risk Management

  10. Project Management

Every Course is of one month duration.

Each Course schedule is 1 Hour x 3 days per week x 1 month

Fees of each course is Rs. 500 per month.

These courses help the candidate in skills development. Skills help in getting work, getting projects, doing business, earning money, getting success, being self reliant.


Q - Does college provide jobs ? A - No, college doesn't provide jobs. It develops the skills in you and those skills help you in getting job.

Q - If I don't get job, will college refund fees ?

A - No. College does not take fees for providing you job. College will be taking fees for skills development. If after the course, candidate feels that, no skills got developed, no knowledge got enhanced, then college will refund the fees.

Q - Will it be on-line course ?

A - Yes, it will be on-line course.

For more details whatsapp to our executive @ 9987251475.

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