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How to Study in Corona Period

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Some courses like Science, Engineering, Medical, Pharmacy etc. need regular college study where candidate can attend hands on training, technical labs, practicals, team projects etc.

For such courses we advice a regular college near your place, preferably small town or village, avoiding places with high population density. This advice is based on simple logic of - Safe Life. Our top priority should be Safe Life.

Other programs like Arts, Commerce, Banking, Mass Media, Writing, Journalism, Management, Work and Money, Life Happiness, Family Happiness etc. can be done by attending classes (regular) or by non attending classes (open), from home, using distance education or online education or open education system. In open education system, maximum content is delivered by online or post with minimum attendance or no attendance.

School Level Candidates may also think of regular school or open school to suit their needs and life safety.

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